San Francisco Chronicle Top 100 Wines 2014

Rein Greenwood Ridge Riesling has been named one of 2014's top 100 wines by The San Francisco Chronicle:

San Francisco Chronicle
2013 Rein Greenwood Ridge Anderson Valley Riesling ($24, 11%): These days, Anderson Valley is more about Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. But James Wasson IV’s new label is set to spur a revival of the valley’s old Alsace-inspired traditions. A curious, concentrated style of Riesling from Allan Green’s well-known vineyard: just a touch off-dry, with frothy, oregano-tinged peach and red apple flavors, and a tang that persists on the tongue. - Jon Bonné

Alsace Varietal Festival (February 2015)

February 7 & 8, James will be at the Alsace Varietal Festival in Anderson Valley, where he'll conduct an educational seminar on Riesling and pour Rein wines at the Grand Tasting and the Winemaker dinner. Book your tickets here.

I am honored to be representing REIN Winery at the upcoming Alsace Varietal Festival in Anderson Valley on February 7th and 8th. As well as pouring during the Grand Tasting, I will also be part of an in-depth seminar on Greenwood Ridge Riesling, alongside a handful of wineries who source solely from what many consider to be the most expressive vineyard site for this varietal in California. After the main festivities, I will be pouring the REIN Wine at the event's Winemaker Dinner. Book your tickets now, as this event is sure to sell out.


James A Wasson IV

rein (German)

1. adj. pure.
2. adv. purely.

single vineyard.
single varietal.
aromatic white wine.

2013 Greenwood Ridge Riesling

Riesling 2013 Label 11% alc. Sourced from 40+ yr old ungrafted vines on the Mendocino Ridge in Anderson Valley.

Picked at a low pH of 2.97 and let to sit on their skins overnight to gain tannin and heightened aromatics.100% whole cluster pressed, fermented and aged in all stainless steel. At only 11% alc, this riesling is more in the style of a German Kabinet, with pretty white flowers, such as jasmine and Gardenia on the nose. A well defined balance of acid, tannin, and the slightest bit of RS, creating precision and focus from start to finish on the palate.

2013 Schrader Ranch Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc 2013 Label 13.6% alc. Sourced from inland Mendocino, on the southern edge of Ukiah.

100% whole cluster pressed, using a slow 4hr champagne press to harness all the spice and aromatics this rather rare Alsace varietal in California has to offer. Aged in 75% stainless and 25% neutral french. This Pinot Blanc is bone dry, unfined, unfiltered, and natively fermented. Showing mellon, nectarine skin, and a spicy fennel quality on the nose. A well balanced mid palate due to 100% malolactic as the palate echoes the nose, showing it's varietal purity. Medium in body and weight, with a bright, spicy, and refreshing finish.





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